Wednesday, February 12, 2014

10. / Dengue

Hi peeps!
I just feels like blogging but dont know what to blog bout.

*think and think and think.

So here i go with my CNY.
MyGod, my CNY is just so pretty sad.
I got sick for days T^T

It just the second day of CNY and i got fever, HIGH FEVER man.
The whole day keep lying on the bed, sleep and drink and sleep and drink.
Goddamn, that is so bored.
Everyone out there playing cards all those, and i can only SLEEP.

And then the third day only went back home from my kampung.
Then, go clinic.
MyGod, i am in love with the doctor :O
Now, i miss him so much. Hahahahaha. LOL
So i go for blood test.
So i went blood test almost everyday, like continuously you know.
So that is the first time i went for blood test, i seriously scared of it. (imagine)
And its also the first time i met the doctor.
Once my mom went the clinic too, and she said the doctor very handsome.
So, i got chance to went the clinic too, LOL. (Its not always a good thing went to clinic okay)
And then, Thursday went, Friday went, Saturday went.
Oh, so luckily I dont need to go on Sunday, i got rest for a day BUT I need to go back for blood test on Monday again.
See, blood test again. Sigh.

I am lack of platelets.
And it makes me feel dizzy when i stand up and really no energy.

That is why i need go for blood test just to check the platelets.
I got dengue actually,
but it seems like,
I thought i would die just because of dengue,
because there is few cases bout people die cause of dengue.
So i asked my sister will i die? Can i get well?
Was thinking IF I DIED...

So I need to go to the hospital,

I thought i need to stay there and 吊水
But the doctor in the hospital said i dont need to.
So i can back home then.

So I got rashes on my hands and legs, until today,
There is still rashes on my legs, 

looks really ugly on my legs and its red, very red. So now,
I got a job,
that is DRINK WATER.
Everyone asking me to drink water.
I dont need to take my lunch or dinner or what,
because i am full with WATERS.

Ohya! I cant drink beer,
That is so sad.
They bought SOMERSBY Apple Cider,
I can only drink it secretly and only a little bit of it.
And i cant simply eat now.
No nuts, no crackers, no this no that.
So boring.
My CNY=cant eat=suffer.

Okay, so that is my CNY.
How nice was it.

So im sick for 1 week+.  *applause*