Wednesday, April 29, 2015

270 Days




明天,是第271 天,

Monday, April 13, 2015

68. / World Thinking Day

Alright, a week before World Thinking Day 2015, my mom told me "Eh Jane, this Sunday you go World Thinking Day ah, I put your name dy with Jarrette together, your job same with me as penyelia guide people only." Then I was like whaaat? Ohmg, she always did that, wrote down my name without telling me at first. But its okay, I quite willing to join actually lol. Then I thought i have my bro to help me but no, hes helping another commission as volunteers to help out with the games section.
Then we went for meeting at HQ on Thursday, everything goes well until Saturday I guess, they change quite a lot of things. Then we went HQ and help (didnt really help tho)


Friday's meeting, when I first saw the school list I in charged, I was like why? lmao. At first I in charge of 10 schools but consist of 566 people which is the largest group, and I dont even have experienced on how to be a penyelia, but I'm ok I'm willing to learn tho and I'm the youngest among the 4 penyelia, then my friend said "Whoa, all Puan then suddenly one Miss." lol ikr, its not easy to be.
And we need liason officer to help penyelia, then Mrs Lau discuss, why theres no queens guide to help out. She said "we train them we groom them, now its time for them to serve us, but why they not here to help us when we need them? they mean to be such, then theyre such." She actually speaks my mind. Whenever my mom called me up and ask me to help out with girl guides event or stuff, immediately my first sentence would be, WHERE ARE ALL THE QUEENS GUIDE? Then I'll be scolding all the queen guides out there, whats the point you all be queen guides? Just to be fame? Just to get a name, be cool or what? Youre not helping after all, I dont think you deserve to be queen guides, you dont even deserve to received the certificate on the stage. YOU DONT DESERVE IT!

things wouldn't go well as you planned.

The days come ......
I was waiting at the drop off point, I mean 4 of us. School buses coming one by one, AND schools I in charged of were not coming and nah first plan did not goes well. They actually came in at the other gate. This is so troublesome cause you know theres 10 schools in my group and only 1 school were there to meet me. the other 9 were using another gate. theyre not suppose to drop off there but... Then event started, everyone were there and I forced to find my groups, asking the teacher one by one which school theyre from, cause I have to give out the card with their school name on it. And finally still left one school I tried my best but i couldn't find it.
There comes with Kuen Cheng bands, so cool seriously. And the photos below are the surroundings Taman Botani Perdana. Nice place (I wanna come again, jog there is so much fun)

So I guess Ill be showing photos only. No words.

The event place. And brisk walk. I went for the brisk walk too, its such a long way but its fun walking around actually. Nice environment.

So, all the girl guides started their activity. Theyre supposed to go one section by one section but I dont think all the teenagers will listen to you, but most of them followed. They have 4 section, Fun Zone, Celebrations, Telematch, and Adventure.


So, I finally met my liason officer when lunch time. Luckily I have Jia Jian and his scouts, calon queen guides to help me gather all my groups to gathered at one place. Sincerely thanks a lot to him, my job is much more easier hahahah.

I dont know what else I wanted to say but last,

To Miss Heng Yee, Miss Ching Yi, few PBSMs, and scouts
Youre queen guides, calon queen guides, do you know that theres a lot of human survived without foods. Do you know we shouldn't waste foods. I know, asking the scouts to get back to the place and get the box which have foods, goodie bags inside is troublesome, but why not the scouts do it when my mom ask them to do so?
Miss Heng Yee, I heard you said, "go take the box for what, no people want the foods also." Did you know, the other bus they have 6 students who want food. So please, 1. theres people want foods. 2. do not waste foods 3. this is a simple theory. And besides, there is goodie bags in the box too, my mom want to get the box because she wants to give the students who paid and didnt come, this is what we call RESPONSIBLE, maybe youre not. Im sorry.
And scouts, Im sorry that my mom and the other teacher asked 3 of you to get the box, i know she left first, but this is because the bus driver wanted to go first so only my mom left first. If you dont wanna be late then next time, what the teachers ask you to do, just do it. I know walking back to the place is far and tiring but you know why.
And PBSMs i dont know who are you, but I heard "I also dont like the teacher" excuse me, did she owe you money, did she killed your family, she dont have anything related to you I dont know how you hate someone just because looking at her and what she is doing. But I guess you hate a lot people out there when you just look at them.
I dont know, kids nowadays are like this, I always thought, when you get old, you will be like them too. And now, I can only say that, you guys are childish, i dont understand why do you want to judge when you dont even know them.

I ruined this post by scolding people, im sorry but i have to.

But overall, I'm happy.

H A P P Y    G U I D I N G

PS: the photos are not align, i tried to make it neat but i cant. sorry. And hesitating about typing out the names :/